Brief overview: AlphaAI, a cutting-edge company of innovation specialized in the field of AI quantitative trading, has officially announced that it will be launching soon, declaring that a groundbreaking new innovation is about to burst into the financial technology scene. Previously, AlphaAI had collaborated with BNY Mellon and received a hefty investment of US$10 million from its Blockchain Venture Fund.

AlphaAI: the pioneer of AI financial technology

AlphaAI is a pioneering AI quantitative trading company headquartered in New York. It was founded by former members of the technical team for OpenAI. Its mission is to reap maximum profits with the aid of AI technology and provide its clients with efficient, stable, and sustainable investment strategies. AlphaAI possesses an AI quantitative technology that is an intelligent trading system integrating various cutting-edge fields of technology such as big data, machine learning, and deep learning to create a flexible system that efficiently analyzes market fluctuations, formulate customized strategies, and execute high-speed automatic transactions with an overall aim to help its users to optimize their returns.

A ten-million-dollar investment to propel AlphaAI into a brilliant future

At the beginning of 2023, AlphaAI formed a partnership with BNY Mellon and received an investment of US$10 million from its Blockchain Venture Fund. This investment will thrust the speed of the company’s research and development as well as its marketing and promotion, further boosting its competitive edge in the field. It is a synergistic collaboration that makes full use of AlphaAI’s advanced technological innovative power and BNY Mellon’s abundant resources as they jointly dominate the financial technology market and create more profits for global investors.

AlphaAI’s core: AI analysis and trading decision-making system

The core of AlphaAI’s competitive edge is in their intelligent AI analysis and trading decision-making system. This system takes in raw data and generates various trading strategies and analysis models, such as financial analysis, trading strategies, investment recommendations, etc. As it works, the system will utilize ChatGPT’s machine learning model and perform automatic big data analysis and formulate optimal trading strategies for clients based on their risk preferences, investment goals, and status on the market, after which it will execute trading instructions in real time. This will help the clients to maximize their profitability and minimize the risks they need to take. AlphaAI’s backend proves that the system’s existing 167 tools are back-tested with 2 million transactions as a unit, with 7×24 hours of AI real-time review, reaching a stable daily profit increase of 2 to 10%.

Future developments: perpetual innovation and incessant expansion

The combined power of constant progress in the financial market and unstoppable advancement of AI technology makes the prospects for AlphaAI’s future developments incredibly promising. The company will not cease to invest in its research and development to optimize its AI quantitative technology and enhance the performance and stability of the trading system. At the same time, it will continue to actively explore further collaboration opportunities with the conventional finance industry, seeking more fortuitous applications of its technology in a wider range of investment fields, such as the stock market, foreign exchange market, and futures exchange. Meanwhile, AlphaAI will not stop innovating and perfecting its products and services to gratify the changing needs of investors all around the world. In the future, the AlphaAI platform will launch a new AI-integrated lending services to attract more institutional investment funds and promote a stable growth in large investment returns. Innovative services like this will diversify AlphaAI’s offering and give a further edge to the company’s ability to compete in the market.

About BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon is a preeminent global banking services company with a 233-year-long history. It is headquartered in New York City, USA. Throughout its long and illustrious history as one of the oldest banks in the world, it has accumulated valuable experience and a vast network of resources in the field of financial services. It has a wide range of businesses, from investment management, asset services, corporate banking, wealth management, and many more, offering top-quality financial services to its global clientele.

BNY Mellon’s Blockchain Venture Fund specializes in the investment of innovative companies that possess groundbreaking technologies to thrust the progress and advancement of technology in finance. Its strategy is to single out trailblazing start-up companies with a clear competitive edge and huge market potential, with the aim to provide them with financial support and other necessary resources to help them rise to the top in a highly competitive market.

Up till now, BNY Mellon has made numerous investments in a variety of blockchain projects, including digital asset custody platforms, smart contract platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, etc. These projects have a promising application prospect in a broad field of digital finance, and would be instrumental in providing investors and consumers more secure, efficient, and convenient services. Working closely together with innovative companies enables BNY Mellon to further its cause in promoting the innovation and advancement of technology in finance and propel the progress of the finance industry.

AlphaAI’s upcoming launch will be the latest crucial milestone in the development of technology in finance. Its collaboration with BNY Mellon will usher in a new unprecedented era of AI finance. As a leader in the field, AlphaAI will not stop investing in R&D resources to further optimize its technological edge and boost the innovative advancement in the field of finance.